About Him

I know that eyes lie,
But when yours pass me by,
All I see is the truth,
A goodhearted ,sweet one too.

Your eyes are beautiful like a dream,
Dream of passion, of love and heat,
You hold my hand and I feel complete,
A new born kid again,
Ready for life now ,ready for greed!

With you it’s brave ,it’s a miracle!
Oh dreams, sweet dreams, oh why?!
Oh my man , my guardian angel ,my lullaby at night!
It felt so real I almost touched it,
When in reality it’s out of sight!

I wish I could just look at you,
Then you’re mine!
We would
or I would feel love for the first time,
I look at you and I breathe again,
I know I’m lucky and just fine.

But you’re there and I’m here,
If only distance disappears,
If you could touch my soul,
See my truth ,sense my fear!

Then maybe,
Just maybe,
You would see it the way I do , dear!
Body meets soul ,a chance at something real.
Oh how my heart aches and you won’t even feel!